08 December 2012

Getting in the Christmas Spirit

Well, it's been nearly a month since my last post and I was all gung-ho about writing more.  I haven't really been writing, but I have been busy.  You can read about my Christmas crafts last year on my Headless Angel post.  I had forgotten all about the headless angel until I opened the box of ornaments and there she was - still headless (no little elves visited me over the summer).   I decided not to put her on the tree until she had a head.  I also realized when I opened the box that I still don't have a Christmas stocking for my now 15 month old.
These projects got added to the Christmas Crafting To Do List, which never seems to get shorter.  Also on the list are Christmasy throw-pillow covers for the couch, outdoor hanging somethings for the basket hooks by the side door and an indoor wreath made with yarn balls or bells or something cozy and creative that looks like it should be in Better Homes and Gardens or Martha Stewart.  The calendar bent in my favor this year with Thanksgiving being so early I had a whole week of already being in the Christmas spirit and it wasn't even December yet (great for feeling like you've got a head start on things).
So here's a look at my crafting so far.  As you can see the angel is no longer headless!

But as my husband points out, she is now bald; and back on the Christmas Crafting To Do List.

In the summer I have two hooks for hanging flower baskets by our side door.  I wanted to make something festive to hang on them.  The tree farm we went to had a huge pile of boughs to choose from so I grabbed an arm load.  Let's just say it has been a process of trial and error, with a lot of error.

Attempt # 1
Attempt # 2
Attempt # 3
 and where I'm stopping

The project I'm really pleased with is the throw-pillow cover I've finished (yes, that's right I said finished!).

Birch trees


Still no stocking for Cora and I've just remembered we need a tree skirt, but hey it's only December 8th.  I've got loads of time.

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