26 May 2012

What I've been doing instead of blogging

I started this blog as a way to practice writing.  And also to give voice to my thoughts.  My plan was to write once a week.  That seemed to rarely happen.  Especially this spring as due dates for my Montessori Training course loomed.  My last training weekend was last week and I was able to hand in 2 curriculum albums (Practical Life and Sensorial), my Cultural Studies Album (including History, Science, Geography, Music, Art and Peace Education) and presented my Cultural Unit Project on Quilting.  Despite having months to put these together I must admit much of the work was done in the last two days before the seminar. 
It feels good to have passed so much in.  I still have some to do, Language and Math albums, a couple of papers and classroom observations.  But there is light at the end of the tunnel.  At our closing ceremonies we pulled words out of a jar.  Mine was ‘hope’.  There have been many times through this school year when the thought of actually finishing not only the training course but my Masters degree was daunting.  The moment I click open on the paper, Cora cries, waking from her nap early, again.  When I pulled the word hope out of the jar I realized I may not be done, but there is hope.  I will finish.  All the money, time and gas has a purpose.

Here are some pictures of what I've been up to.  My Unit on Quilting went over really well in the classroom.  It is a Montessori Primary classroom (ages 3-6).  I developed material for each area of the classroom and we did two group projects together.

Quilt Block 3 Part Matching for Language

Paper Quilt Art Project

"Color-by-Number" Pattern Grid for Math

Running Stitch Work for Practical Life
We did a sewing project as a class.  The quilt top was pieced by my mom's quilt group Winding Ways. The children helped lay out the 'quilt sandwich' and baste.  Then they had the choice of tying, sewing a button or quilting.  The Extended Day children (kindergartners) had to quilt first before choosing something else.

Laying out the 'quilt sandwich'

5 year old sewing a button

3 year old sewing a button

I had so much fun doing this unit.  The children did so well sewing.  I love that sewing is a part of the Montessori curriculum and I hope to emphasize it more in my own classroom.

The unit has also inspired me to do more quilting projects.  Stay tuned...but don't hold your breath.