14 September 2012

Nature Pee

       I drove to a flat stretch of road to do my run today.  From where I live I have to run hills no matter what, and they are killing my ability to finish a 3 mile run.  So today I drove.  I got Cora strapped in with a snack and a drink.  Phone, check.  Keys, check.  Off we went.  I think I took two steps before I realized I had to pee.  If I was at home, it would have been no big deal, just turn around and unlock the door.  But out here, where was I going to pee?
       I wouldn’t consider myself a girly girl, but I like the conveniences of modern life.  Running water and indoor plumbing are wonderful things.  Peeing in the woods is not something I remember doing as a child.  We went on enough hikes as a family, I’m sure I did at some point.  But I remember holding it, waiting until we got to the parking lot and using an outhouse or holding it even longer until we got to the nearest McDonald’s.  I was never a good squatter.  The thought of getting pee on my shoes or legs grossed me out.  And what do you wipe with?  And where do you put it?  It’s ok, I’ll just hold it.
       While spending a year doing voluntary work in England I went on a mission trip to Ukraine.  We landed in the modern airport and took a normal bus to the modern train station in the capital of Kiev.  A number of girls had to go to the bathroom so of course we went as a group.  The innocuous looking white stall doors held a surprise - squatters, also called Turkish toilets.  I locked myself in and closed my eyes, please God, help me do this (not my usual prayer).  The stall proved helpful, something to hang on to, and I managed to do my business.  Throughout that trip it was a mix of Western toilets and Turkish squatters.
       A few years later, on a trip to France with my sister, I encountered another squatter, this time in a bistro in Paris.  I took a deep breath, I’ve done this before, and did what I had to do.  When I returned to the table my sister said she needed the toilet.  I let her know it was a squat toilet and she immediately said she was fine.
       Despite two trips to Morocco where they primarily have squat toilets I still would not consider myself very good.  But today I did it.  I nature peed.  It wasn’t easy finding the right spot with a stroller, the woods had to be thin enough to get the stroller off the road, but thick enough hide me, but I managed to find a good spot.  I nearly turned around and went home when I realized I had to pee, but I’m glad I didn’t because I had a great run.  I will be doing that run again soon, though making sure I pee before I go next time.

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