03 June 2012

20 Things I Miss

On the day of the Jubilee I drink a cuppa to the Queen, and list 20 things I miss about England. 
 In no particular order:
  1. Rain
  2. No one complaining because it’s raining
  3. The accent (really, it just sounds cool)
  4. Public transportation that’s not a ‘special treat’ to take
  5. Trains
  6. Cheaper PG Tips
  7. Chocolate Digestives
  8. Walking to Safeways then Alexandria Park for a picnic lunch
  9. Walking to Hastings seafront
  10. Walking around London without a map
  11. Walking
  12. Telling people you walked and not getting the reaction “you walked?!”
  13. That park in London Evie took me too
  14. And Cafe Mozart nearby
  15. Fewer commercials
  16. Real news
  17. British Bookshops and Sussex Stationers
  18. Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry
  19. Free museums in London
  20. Student discounts that actually amount to something; like watching Patrick Stewart in Anthony and Cleopatra from the middle of the fourth row for only £10
Oh, and 21. People, so many wonderful people.


  1. I laughed at no.12. We are more likely to have the reaction 'you took a car!? you lazy soandso'. No. 13. the park is called Hampstead Heath (as seen in the film Notting Hill) I think of you when I go there!. I shall appreciate some of the others in your honour, in fact, I shall share this post and tell my friends to as well. :-)

    1. Thanks Evie :) I think about that park often too. Fond memories!