14 April 2012

Another man’s trash is not my treasure.

Last bite.  Mmm, special sauce.  You feel a drip on your chin but your tongue just isn’t long enough.  No way are you wasting it on a napkin, your finger does a much better job.  The crumpled wrapper leaves your hands greasy.  Eh, that’s what pants are for right?  The straw sucks up watery Coke and the ice rattles around.  Damn.  You stuff the empty cup in the paper bag along with the greasy wrapper from your lap and a wad of unused napkins the teenager at the drive-through gave you.  An icy blast greets you as the window slowly rolls down.  Your window is on its way back up before you even see where the bag landed.

I live on a pretty busy road.  But it’s not a major route.  These people are not likely on a long trip, driving for hours and hours without stopping.  They are probably running errands, picking up there kids, going to work or school.  Full McDonald’s bags, newspapers, coffee cups, creamer cups, wrappers of all kinds, banana peels, tshirts, socks, and don’t get me started on the cigarette butts.  They are making my corner of the world ugly.

My dad once stopped me from throwing an apple core into the woods.  I didn’t understand why for the longest time.  Have you ever thrown an apple core out the window or into the woods?  What about a banana peel?  Now there’s a half-eaten apple rotting in my front yard, I get it.  It’s gross.  For all the apple core’s that land in the woods there will be one that was thrown at just the wrong moment.  The one that someone’s child finds and doesn’t know not to eat.  The one that someone’s dog finds while their out for a walk.  Or the one that just sits there, rotting.
Trash is a by-product of our world.  It happens, there is no way around it.  But you have a choice.  I’m gonna go clean up my yard now....

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